Mind Vision: Things your GM wish you knew

You may be in our guild now, but you may end up leaving in 6 months or 6 minutes or even start your own guild one day.  I’ve been a member of other guilds for years, and thought I’d share what it’s like to be a Guildmaster.  If you’ve ever been kicked from a guild, or got spammed with a bunch of guild invites, or want to know how to contribute to the guild you’re in, I hope this will help a guildie understand things from a GM’s point of view.

1) If you’re not in a guild and don’t want to be spammed with guild invites, there’s a setting that blocks guild invites for you.Block Guild Invites

It’s amazing how many people don’t know about this option, or purposely join a guild to tell them to #$!@ off, then /gquit.  Like, really??  Why?  Anyway, Just go to Game Menu > Interface, and under the Game tab > Controls, check “Block Guild Invites.”  This won’t prevent people from whispering an invite, but at least you won’t get the annoying interruptions in the middle of your screen during gameplay.

Some people are grateful for having been invited to a guild and say thanks, while others stay silent, and a handful are trolls.  Listen, sometimes the only tool a GM has to grow a guild is through random invites and if you don’t want to be bothered, there’s an option for that.  I’ve actually helped ppl find this setting to block guild invites, even after they’ve yelled profanities at me for having tried to invite them.  Sometimes I’ve asked the trolls why they don’t  use this setting, and they said because it’s fun to accept invites and yell and /gquit.  … right.

2) If you were randomly invited, you should feel free to randomly leave a guild.  But don’t be a leech.

I don’t take it personally if someone leaves a guild because that would be stupid.  However, members should be mindful that they’re not entitled to have the guild provide them with things, just because they’re in the guild.  For example, there was someone early on in their membership that asked in /gchat if anyone could make bags for them and someone kindly fulfilled that favor.  But the person that was requesting the bags was heirloomed out, so obviously, they had enough money to buy their own bags but chose not to.  I highly doubt they even tipped the person who gave them the bags or offered anything in return.  I’m glad they eventually left.

I don’t consider using guild repairs as leeching because A) we’re offering it to everyone using our own discretion and B) 10% of any gold you collect from mobs is deposited into the guild bank anyway.  And after you become an Altoholic, you have access to withdraw and deposit items into the guild bank.  I actually invested 10,000g into the guild so I could buy extra bank tabs and have repairs for everyone. Why?  Because I remember when I was leveling, all I wanted was for my repair costs to be covered (which is not a lot before you hit 85 anyway) and it’s a nice perk for ppl with lots of alts to level 🙂

I don't always kick guild members

The bottom line is, it’s your game so play it like you want to, and if you want to leave a guild, go ahead.  But if you know you’re not really going to commit to a guild, then don’t leech off of it early on in your membership — especially not this guild because I will remember you.  I once crafted an epic item for a Sojourner and gave them a pretty good discount, knowing full well they could leave at any time and I was completely fine with that because I like helping people out.  They left a couple days later w/o a goodbye or thank you or anything, and when I whispered them to wish them luck in their new guild and that I’d still be up to run some dungeons w/them, they just ignored me.  Then again, there was another random person that I didn’t talk to at all, but when I checked the logs, I saw that she had deposited 10s into the gbank before she left.  I’d thought that was a nice gesture and I’ll remember that as well.  (I’m assuming it’s a girl because her name was like Elizabeth or something.)

3) No jerks allowed in <Altoholics Anonymous>

It’s one thing to joke around but if you don’t know each other very well, jokes can come off the wrong way.  If the very first thing you say after you join our guild is, “hey nerd #%@!&ers” then you will be kicked.  If anything, save that sort of stuff for the other faction.  I’ve done my share of bullying when I was growing up, but I’ve also been bullied, and we’ll have none of that here because WoW is about having fun, getting epic loot, and farming.  Lots of farming.  And <Altoholics Anonymous> would like to cultivate (kek) that kind of safe environment, and not make ppl feel like they have to be on their guard all the time.

4) There are things you can do to contribute to a guild.  For starters, go run instances with 2 other guildies.

We’re still a pretty new guild so any questing you do or mobs you kill, helps level our yet-to-be-lvl-25 guild.  Even after we hit lvl 25, we will probably continue to be a casual guild and there’s really no need to feel like you should give something back.  Every member that has a certain amount of guild activity is considered to be an integral part of the guild, so those members have a special opportunity to make what they want out of it, if they wish.  Meaning, if someone wants to be a guild event planner and run something at a set time with people, they can do so eventually (as a Core member).

As more members hit 90, repairs will become more expensive and it will start creating a dent in the guild bank.  Therefore, if you decide to stay with the guild once you hit 90, please consider running instances with 2 other members you see online, in order to replenish the gold for guild repairs.  Contributing mats to the guild bank is also an option (only for certain ranks) but by no means necessary.  And if you want to serve the guild in some other way, just ask.  We could use a welcoming committee, an event planner, a blogger… 🙂

The bottom line is that a Guildmaster is also just a player, and I hope this helps shed some light on a GM’s perspective.  Enjoy your stay while you’re with <Altoholics Anonymous>, and don’t be shy and say hi ingame!

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