To raid or not to raid, that is the question

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A question that every casual guild must face is — do we want to start raiding?  I don’t think there is such a thing as “casually” raiding, unless it’s LFR.  But with a few active guild members hitting 90, and more soon to follow, we should get a sense of who wants to start raiding, and if the count is high enough, get a group to form.  The first order of business is to elect a raid leader — ideally a seasoned professional but more importantly, someone who can lead the group.  This is an open position and if you’re up for it, just PM Angiogenesis or Finalspark ingame and we can talk out the details.

If you’re currently just a member, I’ll outline some pros and cons of staying with <Altoholics Anonymous>:

  • we’re a newly formed lvl 25 guild which means if you were not able to make it into a raid group before, now’s your chance. (this would be a pro for the noobs, a con for the veterans)
  • your opinion will have more weight because we’re a smaller guild
  • we may not have enough ppl to form a full raid group right now so it’s either just LFR for fun until our core group gets bigger or form a group and try LFM
  • attendance to formalized events may be shoddy if ppl feel they don’t have any stake in the guild, or find it intimidating.

Lich KingJust remember that in the end, we’re all just here to help each other out with things that we can’t easily do by  ourselves (so i guess DKs aren’t in this group ;P).  So if you’re a member and you want to participate either now or in the future, I’d like to know:

  • your toon name
  • do you want to be a part of a raid group?  if so, old content for transmog/just-for-fun or new content?
  • do you want to group up for random battlegrounds?
  • what’s your spec?  off-spec (if you’re comfortable with it)?  current level?
  • when are you free?  weekdays, weekends, nights, varies?
    • if you’re on a higher-level toon, please say “yes” or “no” to being available to help others during this time so others can see it.
  • what is the frequency you’d like to formally get together?
  • what kind of communication do you prefer?  vent, skype, none?
  • any other info you think that is helpful for the group

If you want to comment anonymously (kek), you can do so by logging in with the credentials that is in the guild info tab (ingame) or just by reading the Guild Message of the Day.

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