WoW 201: Keybindings for the intermediate player

The CountSo you got your rotations down and now wanna take your performance to the next level because you’re tired of seeing your DPS (or Heals) at the bottom of the meter.  If you’re still using your mouse to click on your spells, now is the time to change that and see your reaction time improve!  This isn’t a panacea to help your numbers, but it will definitely help among those who are as equally geared as you.

I used to be a mouse-clicker and thought I’d never get used to using my keyboard (other than for movement).  But after lots of practice through many different alts across random realms, I finally got it down, and my performance and reaction time has definitely gotten better.

This video brought to you by The Count (not really) goes over the advantages of keybindings, and techniques to leverage your keyboard efficiently.  WoW has so many different spells and actions, once you get your keybindings memorized, you’ll be playing your keyboard like Flight of the Bumblebees.

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