Monthly Archives: March 2013

Changes in Guild Rank: new Lead Altoholic

Effective immediately are some changes to guild ranks. The pre-existing heirarchy will stay the same but one level has been added above Core but below Officers — Lead Altoholics. If you were recently promoted, these are the additional perks you will receive on top of Core Altoholic benefits.

Black Temple Run, All Welcome, Be Prepared!

Let’s do a run through Black Temple together. Any toons above lvl 70 are invited, particularly tanks and DPS, pros and noobs. There are some very nice transmog pieces that drop (some Tier 6 sets) from this raid.

Mists of Pandaria: When is Patch 5.2 coming out? March 5th!

Hopefully, you’ve been reading up on the up on Patch 5.2, due out on Tuesday March 5, 2013! Read more about currency conversions, PvP changes, an ilvl 522 neck piece you can buy right away with Valor Points, and updates to dungeons and scenarios.