Changes in Guild Rank: new Lead Altoholic

Golden King

Effective immediately are some changes to guild ranks.  The pre-existing heirarchy will stay the same but one level has been added above Core but below Officers — Lead Altoholics.  If you were recently promoted, it was because of your activity within the guild (aside from actual activity points), and just being a seemingly nice human being.

This position has been created to compensate for 50% of Fidus Achates taking a hiatus from the game, and to distribute some of the leadership capabilities.  So on top of the perks you get from being above a Core Altoholic, you also have:

  • Officer Chat available — /o to speak only to Lead Altoholics and above
  • Promote and Demote members
  • Remove members (please use with discretion, but do kick trolls)
  • Set Message of the Day
  • Have an extra 20g in Guild Repairs (for a total of 100g/day)

Please keep in mind that guild repair gold is generated not only from looting, but also doing “guild” things together such as running dungeons (with at least 3 ppl) and scenarios (need all 3 guildies).  As a Lead Altoholic, you may also promote your alts if you wish.

The Guild’s 6-month “anni”-versary is coming up and this will commemorate the occasion.  If you have any questions or concerns, please comment below or ingame mail Angiogenesis or Finalspark.

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