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Congrats to the guild and thank you

As mentioned in a previous post, now that the guild has hit the level cap of 25, rewards have been given out to those who have contributed the most in its leveling. Thanks to all for sticking around, and we hope everyone will continue to contribute to the guild’s success and enjoyment!

Our Guild Perks: Rewards for Reaching Guild Lvl Cap

We are quickly approaching level cap for the guild! To reward those who have stuck around and helped the guild get this far, when the guild hits lvl 25, each toon that is Exalted with at least 10mil Guild Activity points will receive [Netherweave Bag] [Chi-ji Kite] [Yu’lon Kite] to keep or to sell. Toons that have more than 30mil Guild Activity points will also receive an [Embersilk Bag] to keep or to sell.

Guild Repairs balance bug

Unless you’re Inactive, you have access to guild repairs…

Recently Updated

Our Guild Perks: things to buy from a guild vendor

Updated on 3/10/2013, the following is a list of items you can buy from a guild vendor, for being a member of this guild…

Your Guild Status: qualifications and perks

The following is how a member’s Guild Status is determined…

Guild Perk update

If you’re Honored or above with the guild, you can now buy a [Wrap of Unity] at a guild vendor.