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Mists of Pandaria: When is Patch 5.2 coming out? March 5th!

Hopefully, you’ve been reading up on the up on Patch 5.2, due out on Tuesday March 5, 2013! Read more about currency conversions, PvP changes, an ilvl 522 neck piece you can buy right away with Valor Points, and updates to dungeons and scenarios.

Mists of Pandaria: The path to getting geared at 90 (for the casual player)

Enchants. Gemming. Upgrades. Profession perks. There’s a lot that goes into curating your gear and although you’re not interested in getting the absolute best-in-slot items, you still want some epic gear you feel good about…

Broken Incense Burner, Quest to Restore Balance

Mists of Pandaria: What to do after you hit 90

This is not a comprehensive guide, but focuses more on how/where to get certain gear and what reps to grind for certain professions. Just a few pointers for our leveling guild.