Broken Incense Burner, Quest to Restore Balance

Mists of Pandaria: What to do after you hit 90

This is not a comprehensive guide, but focuses more on how/where to get certain gear and what reps to grind for certain professions. Just a few pointers for our leveling guild.

WoW 201: acronyms and jargon for the intermediate player

When I first started playing WoW, I thought everyone was speaking a different language. The following are some commonly used acronyms and jargon, along with its context…

Recently Updated

Our Guild Perks: things to buy from a guild vendor

Updated on 3/10/2013, the following is a list of items you can buy from a guild vendor, for being a member of this guild…

Your Guild Status: qualifications and perks

The following is how a member’s Guild Status is determined…

Guild Perk update

If you’re Honored or above with the guild, you can now buy a [Wrap of Unity] at a guild vendor.